Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Undersold by B.B. Hamel

Author: B.B. Hamel
Publication Date: 02/12/2015
Audience: Adult
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotica

It wasn’t the kind of aching need that could be forgotten or ignored, or even missed. It was a burning, powerful thing, and like all powerful things, it was mindless and blameless. It came from somewhere else and took me directly to Shane and his body. There was nothing left but to submit to its whims. I wanted to be a part of him, not of his life, but of his existence.

Amy Woodall has it bad. Her father is dying of cancer, her job barely pays the bills, and she can’t get through the day without thinking about her crushing student loans. As an escape, each night she throws herself into developing a smartphone app in the hopes of kick starting her stalled-out life.

Things change when she begins an innocent text flirtation with a man she meets online. Shane Green is beautiful, passionate, and rich in a way Amy can barely comprehend. He’s also obsessed with his privacy, and he’ll do anything to protect the people he loves from the spotlight. When Shane’s company buys Amy’s fledgling business, she finds herself torn between family, career, and love, with no easy way out.

The rules have changed, and Amy must find a way to navigate them before she loses everything.

Summary from Goodreads

* I received UNDERSOLD from the author in exchange for an honest review. In no way does that effect the thoughts and opinions represented here. I did not receive compensation for my review.*

Undersold was very 'meh' for me.  While I did enjoy the story and the romance I just didn't find myself connecting to Amy in the way I would have liked, nor did I feel the connection between Amy and Shane. Maybe it's because I've read so much of this genre lately but I feel like the way the story read was very generic. 
The writing and pacing itself was decent but there was just something missing that kept me from fully joining Team Shane.  I think maybe it was that we didn't get much of a work up to them getting together, the sexual tension is sometimes better than the act itself. 
Overall it was a quick and easy read and I look forward to seeing where Hamel goes with future books, she has promise.

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