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What Do I Read:
Whatever catches my fancy but mostly YA, usually any subgenre.  My favorite subgenre's of YA are contemporary, dystopian, and paranormal but I like all my books served with romantic themes.

I have been branching out into the New Adult and Adult genres, mostly contemporary romance.

My Reviews:
My reviews are based solely on my love or my unlove of the book being reviewed.  I do not get paid in any way for my opinions/reviews.  I consider myself a fair person and will always give you a fair review, it may not be what you want to hear, but it will be fair.  I also feel I should say that I do not allow myself to get nasty in my reviews.  If I dislike something I will state what it is and move on. I also try to avoid spoilers like the plague, nothing ruins a book more than giving away the end. 

Mostly though I do what I want, when I want to.  Reading is a pastime, a hobby, and I won't let it be ruined by deadlines and obligations to read something someone else wants me to read.

For review I accept ebooks (Kindle and Nook), finished copies, or bound ARCs.

Any questions, email me at:  readbookswilltravel (AT)


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