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Deeper by Robin York

Author: Robin York
Publication Date: 01/28/2014
Audience: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
When Caroline Piasecki’s ex-boyfriend posts their sex pictures on the Internet, it destroys her reputation as a nice college girl. Suddenly her once-promising future doesn’t look so bright. Caroline tries to make the pictures disappear, hoping time will bury her shame. Then a guy she barely knows rises to her defense and punches her ex to the ground.

West Leavitt is the last person Caroline needs in her life. Everyone knows he’s shady. Still, Caroline is drawn to his confidence and swagger—even after promising her dad she’ll keep her distance. On late, sleepless nights, Caroline starts wandering into the bakery where West works.

They hang out, they talk, they listen. Though Caroline and West tell each other they’re “just friends,” their feelings intensify until it becomes impossible to pretend. The more complicated her relationship with West gets, the harder Caroline has to struggle to discover what she wants for herself—and the easier it becomes to find the courage she needs to fight back against the people who would judge her.

When all seems lost, sometimes the only place to go is deeper.
Picture and Summary from Goodreads
The issue at the heart of this book, revenge porn, is a seriously big problem in todays society.  Girls! Keep your naked pictures to yourself.  There is no need to share them with anyone because we are only human and just because you think you know someone doesn't mean you do.  There are some seriously mean and spiteful people out there.
The way Robin York weaves the story of Caroline had my heart breaking for her from page one.  I could really sense that Caroline put her full trust into someone she thought loved her only to turn around and have that person hurt her in one of the worst ways possible.  I really wanted to punch her ex in the face...with a hammer.. douche.
The characters that make up the main group are all so real. The bff who is a player, the love interest who comes from a shady past, the rugby player who swings both ways.  They all had something about them that made them so relatable. Sometimes in books the problems of the characters are so unbelieving or aren't really problems at all or are magically fixed.  Not the case here. Caroline's problem will probably never go away, it's the type of thing that will haunt her forever. West has had a messed up childhood and has done some dark things to get to where he is now and will have to go through even more to get to where he wants to be.
All throughout the book I was rooting for Caroline and West. When the end came around, I was left with so many questions!  Damn series.  Needless to say I'm looking forward to the next installment.  I'm hoping that Caroline and West get a happily ever after but with realistic fiction it's hard to know which way the author will swing. 

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  1. Right? I honestly don't even get why anyone would do that in the first place, okay, I get it. But I mean, once that pictures taken and sent to whoever you send it to (and come on, it's mainly your boyfriend/girlfriend) it's out there. And that can and will probably be used against you. Or in celebrities cases, publicity. :/ But, at the same time, while I am sympathetic about it, it's not going to be the worst thing that happens to you. Glad that it's realistic in that way, I mean, at least it's not cheesy and magically everything's better now etc. But still, sometimes I really hate when they don't end the way you want it to, even if that means it wouldn't be as realistic, haha.

  2. I am also really looking forward to the sequel, especially after that ending!! Great review :)


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