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Make Me A Match by Lori Brighton

Author: Lori Brighton
Publication Date: 11/2013
Publisher: Lori Brighton
Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Teenager Emma Watts doesn’t believe in true love. After all, she’s worked for two years in her family’s P.I. business catching cheating husband’s in the act. Then Owen Emerson arrives (while she’s in the middle of a stakeout, no less) claiming Emma has inherited a deceased aunt’s ability to supernaturally match soul-mates. Emma wants nothing to do with her aunt’s powers, nor with the frustrating and perfectly handsome Owen Emerson. Too bad she’s stuck with both for the rest of her life.

Owen Emerson is a Protector, a person fated to protect Matchmakers for eternity. A guy who does things by the book, Owen figures he’ll rationally explain to Emma her newfound abilities and they can have the professional relationship he’d had with her much older aunt. But as he soon finds out Emma Watts is anything but professional. Fortunately, when she has her first vision matching two friends she has no alternative but to believe Owen’s claims. But Owen isn’t the only one interested in Emma. When the supernatural world discovers how to exploit Emma’s matchmaking abilities for their own, she has no choice but to trust the man who holds her life, and her heart, in his hands.
Picture and Summary from Goodreads
Ugh I hate myself for doing it but this was a DNF.  I really, really, REALLY tried but by page 50 I was so fed up with the characters that I couldn't force myself to waste anymore of my time.  The idea behind the book was soo good and I looked forward to reading about it but the fact is that by chapter SIX the only thing I had really learned was that the MC and her love interest both found each other amazingly attractive.  Talk about insta-love!! They kept going on about how they despised one another but in the same sentence talked about how they were attracted to each other.  I just couldn't get past the fakeness of it, considering this was a fantasy and I went in not expecting it to seem real that's saying a lot. 

As a child, thoughts of far-off places and adventure consistently kept Lori up late at night. After graduating high school, she came to the conclusion that there was no better way to seek adventure and nourish her love of history than to become an archaeologist. She went on to receive a degree in anthropology, but digging in the dirt during humid Midwestern summers wasn’t exactly as fun as she thought it would be.

Instead, she went to work in an air conditioned museum where she spent her days surrounded by creepy Victorian animal mounts. Still, she wasn’t satisfied.

Deciding the people in her imagination were slightly more exciting than the dead things in a museum basement, she set out to write her first romance novel. That book was soundly rejected. As was the next. Years went by and she began to wonder if she’d ever see her dream fulfilled. Until one day she came up with an idea for a book that brought together her love of history and adventure: a book now titled Wild Heart. Since Wild Heart's release, Lori has written Historical Romance, Contemporary Paranormal Romance and Young Adult.

Lori currently resides in the Southern U.S., where she juggles her time between a husband, a son, a golden retriever, a cat and the many, many people in her imagination.

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  1. Meh, if the characters are blah, then I don't care whatsoever about the rest of it, haha. Which, is mainly why I DNF. Sometimes it just has to be done.


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