Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thoughts On Thursday #3

So lately a lot of the books I've been reading have had main characters who are coffee addicts.  They thrill at the thought of a hot Cup'o'Joe and can't fathom starting their day without one. 
What is it about this drink that makes people drool?  It seems like such a sophisticated adult drink and I want to like it, I do; but I just can't get past the fact that it tastes like ear wax.  I have tried all sorts of varieties but have yet to find one that makes me come back for a second round.  If I put in an even ratio of creamer to coffee I can at least stand to drink it but my body does not need me sabotaging it by adding all those calories to my diet.  I just don't get why its so appealing!?  Guess I will stick to my inner child's drink of choice: hot chocolate.
So tell me, are you a coffee addict who can explain it's mysteries to me? Or are you as clueless about it's appeal as I am?  What's your hot drink of choice?



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